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Our metal products include:

- Roll formed metal

- siding and roofing

- Standing seam metal roofing

- G-Rib metal roofing

- EASY shake metal roofing

- Metro steel shingles

- All metal trims

- Custom pieces

- Trusses

- Custom, up to 100’ span

- Laminated Posts (GPB Nail-Lam - Column)

- Insulation

- Windows

- Doors

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Log Cabin G Rib Metro Steel Shingles Easy Shake Rooifing

Standing Seam Roofing

In addition to its unique and attractive look, Standing Seam metal roofing has hidden fasteners that help eliminate the chance of roof leaks compared to roofing with exposed fasteners. The Standing Seam panels have a tall 1.5-inch rib height and are available in 12-inch or 16-inch panel widths with 2 different profiles. Standing Seam has 22 exciting colors to choose from and offers a 40 year warranty.

Metro Steel Shingles

Metal Shingles offer a conventional-traditional look while providing all the advantages of a Metal Roof. Several colors are available in shake, roman, tile, shingle, and cottage. Metro roofing comes with a 50 year warranty.

G-rib Metal Roofing

Our standard G-Rib metal panels offer all the advantages of other metal roofing but are generally a more economical option. The G-Rib Panels have primary ribs that are 9 inches from center to center. The primary ribs are three-quarter inch tall. These panels are also formed with 2 smaller secondary ribs spaced in between to give the panel strength, durability, and aesthetics. These panels are available in 22 exciting colors as well as 26 and 29 gauge material.

EASY Shake

An investment that is engineered to last, the EASY Shake metal roofing panel gives you all the robust beauty and strength of slate roofing with a fraction of the weight and install time. This panel not only gives your residential or commercial building a better curb appeal but it puts off an intriguing new look as well! The uniform step panel can be custom cut to lengths up to 30’, available in 12” or 16” steps, and significantly reduces the amount of seams, which aids in the prevention of leaks. This panel currently has five different colors to choose from. EASY Shake is highly weather resistant and comes with a 40 year warranty.